Point of Sale Solutions

Welcome to the world of Point of Sale (POS) systems! A practical blend of hardware and software designed to enhance business efficiency. For consumers, it means quick and convenient transactions through cards or mobile payments. Stores benefit from streamlined checkout processes, improved inventory management, and valuable customer insights. 

POS solutions provide data-driven decisions and customized promotions. Embrace this modern retail technology to enhance profitability and elevate customer satisfaction. Welcome to the future of efficient and effective retail operations! Check out Antmar’s solutions offering below:

POYNT Smart Terminal: A sleek and advanced POS terminal that offers a seamless payment experience with built-in features like a touchscreen display, dual-facing cameras, and compatibility with various payment methods.

Hot Sauce POS: A specialized POS system designed for the unique needs of the restaurant industry, offering features like table management, menu customization, and integration with kitchen display systems.

Clover POS: An all-in-one POS solution that combines a user-friendly interface, robust hardware options, and an app marketplace, allowing businesses to customize their system with specific tools and integrations.

VIVID POS: A modern and intuitive point of sale system that caters to retail businesses, providing inventory management, sales tracking, and customer relationship management functionalities.

Touch Bistro: A comprehensive POS system designed specifically for restaurants, offering features like menu management, tableside ordering, real-time reporting, and integration with payment processors.

LAVU POS: A cloud-based POS system that caters to restaurants and bars, offering features like menu customization, table management, employee scheduling, and online ordering integration.

Paradise POS: A versatile POS system suitable for various industries, including retail, hospitality, and service, providing inventory tracking, employee management, and robust reporting capabilities.

Paramount POS: A feature-rich and scalable POS solution that caters to the needs of small to large businesses, offering inventory management, loyalty program integration, and multi-location support.

Aloha POS: A widely-used POS system in the hospitality industry, providing features like tableside ordering, reservation management, staff scheduling, and comprehensive reporting for improved operations.

Adelo POS: A flexible and customizable POS system that caters to the needs of hospitality businesses, offering features like order management, table tracking, customer loyalty, and integration with hotel systems.

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